Professional Cultural Work

After Alexandra Tacke had spent several years critically analyzing, as well as teaching about and researching culture and its respective forms from a scientific perspective in the university context, and even curating film series and organizing readings herself, she has continued her commitment to culture since changing positions in 2019 and assuming her new role in Department 12 at the Senator for Culture in Bremen, only now, her work has taken on a new form.

In close cooperation with Bremen’s cultural scene and her department colleagues, her job is to constantly evaluate existing structures and funding formats, utilize effective synergies by, for example, bringing parties involved in similar projects together to decrease redundancy and free up valuable time for other projects; promote necessary further specialization or using her expansive expertise to monitor optimization, transformation, professionalization and digitalization processes. Her job also entails developing new, innovative funding formats that not only support the cultural scene with regards to its creativity, productivity and artistic freedom, but also continues to promote an effective national and international network. 

Bremen – UNESCO Creative »City of Literature«

Since 2019, in her position as Advisor for Literature at the Senator for Culture, Alexandra Tacke has collaborated closely with local representatives of the city’s literature and culture scenes (like the heads of the larger literature festivals and managers of the Literaturkontor and the virtual Literaturhaus, among others) and played the leading role on behalf of the Cultural Authority in coordinating, moderating and driving the application process for the UNESCO »City of Literature« title forward.

She participated in the initiation of and accompanied the following cross-media projects, among others, as a central component of the action program for the application in order to impress the international UNESCO jury:

digitale Literaturmagazin Bremen

LauschOrte – Sound&Stories

Bremer Bremer SPRACHMusikanten (Bremen Town Language Musicians)

Advertising Pillar – You create Space!

Since October 31, 2023, Bremen has been honored to bear the permanent UNESCO title of »City of Literature« and now belongs to the illustrious UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Bremen is therefore the seventh creative city in Germany which considers culture to be a central engine for sustainable urban development.

You can find more information about the UNESCO City of Literature Bremen here:

Digital Literature Magazine Bremen

Bremen Senator for Culture